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Frequently Asked Questions 

       Making an appointment 

How do I request an appointment? 

Complete your details on our online appointment form and we'll be in touch to arrange a design consultation.

Click here to arrange an appointment.

What happens during a design consultation?

One of our experienced team members will visit your home, show you a range of shutter samples, assess your windows, suggest a provisional design, answer any questions and leave an accurate quotation. This process will generally only take 30 to 45 minutes but this is driven by how much information you require. We offer these appointments at times that suit you, which conveniently include evenings and weekends. We do not employ salespeople, we are driven by our passion to provide a positive all-round experience to the customer. We prefer to let our products and our service do the sales for us.

Can I cancel my appointment?
You can cancel you appointment at any time by calling 0800 023 5044 or emailing us at

       The Product 

What are the benefits of shutters over other window dressings?

Shutters are becoming a popular choice over the traditional predecessors for many reasons. They offer light control, privacy, insulation, are low maintenance, long lasting and are very attractive.

Maximizing light whilst maintaining privacy is a key feature of shutters. Shutters can be operated to fully expose the window at any time. Furthermore, each panel of louvres can be independently adjusted to maximise and control light to suit all moods. This principle works in-hand with controlling the amount of privacy.

Do you offer a choice of hinges?

You can choose from eight different hinge colours for your shutters, so you’re sure to find the one that goes perfectly.

Can I visit a showroom to see your shutters?

We do not have our own dedicated show room - this keeps our prices competitive! However, we do have displays within Nunhead Carpets  & The House of Carpets and Curtains, both in South East London, which you may find useful.  

Shutters are available in a variety of materials. If I am on a budget, which materials are best for longevity and affordability?  Why?

Shutters are available in various materials - MDF, wood, plastic and a mixture of these, to suit different specifications. MDF shutters are the most affordable shutters and are very commonly installed. We will assess your requirements and windows to suggest the most suitable product, during our design consultation.

Can I have shutters in the bathroom?

Yes, shutters can be installed into bathrooms. As this is considered a wet area, we would recommend our bathroom range. These are completely made of plastic and are 100% waterproof. The shutters will not deteriorate or rust due to the moisture.

How do I maintain shutters?

Our shutters are designed to be almost maintenance-free. Simply dust them regularly and if necessary wipe them down with a damp cloth or sponge. Following installation, we will provide a detailed handover demonstrating how to operate and how to clean them. 

       Placing an Order

How long is the lead-time for my order?

Our standard lead time is 10-12 weeks from the date of order confirmation/receipt of deposit. There is an Express option available which reduces lead time to 5-6 weeks, however, this carries a surcharge. 

How much will my shutters cost?

The cost of shutters will mainly be determined by the size of your windows. So small windows shall cost less than larger windows. There are a few optional extras that may increase the overall cost but these are always clearly set out during the initial survey.

What is the difference between 'Kent Interior Shutters' and your competitors?

>  Our standard shutters are World-Market leading - all panel are made using Mortice and Tenon joints. They go   through vigorous quality-control, unlike some cheaper alternatives, such as weak pencil dowels used by some competitors.

>  We are able to offer a totally hand-built Shutter from our London workshop. 

>  We are totally independent - we are not part of any franchising chain. 

>  We have our own talented installation team whom are experienced professionals. We do not sub-contract any of our work.

>  We do not use salespeople - just experienced, detailed, informative advice supported by a competitive price  

How do I prepare my windows/doors for installation?

During the survey we will highlight any obstructions, such as telephone cables/boxes, furniture or other window dressings. Before installation, we ask for any redundant window dressings and anything fragile to be removed from the window and surrounding area.

If you are considering re-decoration, this may need to be done before the shutters are installed. Shutters are a finishing touch to any refurbishment.    

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