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Bi-fold window shutters

Bi-Folding Plantation Shutters are a great feature that can be incorporated into most shutter styles. We can design full height, bay windows, tracked, tier-on-tier, solid and café style shutters all with a bi-folding feature. This allows windows or doors to be fully exposed if multiple shutter panels are required to span an area. ​This is achieved by hinging multiple panels together or using a tracked system for larger areas.

Bi-fold shutter blinds

What are bi-Folding Shutters?

Bi-folding plantation shutters are panels hinged together or placed on a track system. They are a great option if you are wanting to fold open your shutters to expose your window or doors to increase natural light. 

Pros of bi-folding Shutters?

They give you the most amount of options out your shutters. Your shutters can be folded open or tilted by the louvers. 

What are bi-folding shutters are best for?

These are generally best on flat windows or doors. In bay windows will generally suggest smaller panels to reduce the amount of space taken. 

Kent Interior Shutters offer a no obligation design survey, so why not arrange for one our friendly, experienced surveyors to measure your window and help advise you on what shutter style is best suited for your window?



Shutter Louvre Sizes

Bi-folding interior window shutters 

Tier-on-Tier, Full Height, Bay Window, Café Style, Shaped and Tracked shutters are all available in a full range of different size shutter louvres and operating options. Each option has their individual benefits and appeal for every requirement. Kent Interior Shutters will assist you with our professional design service. Whether you are trying to achieve a modern or contemporary look, we can guide you from start to finish.   

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