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Tier on Tier Shutters

white tier-on-tier living room shutters central tilt 63mm louvres hardwood
Living Room - Tier-on-Tier Shutters 89mm louvres hardwood (3)
Bay Window shutters tier-on-tier

Tier on tier plantation shutters

Tier on Tier plantation shutters, as the name suggests, are installed with two independent levels of shutters or tiers. This gives you the most number of options when installing shutters at your windows.

They are especially suited to bedrooms where you can block out the majority of light for sleeping at night and during the day, open the top panels for light and keep the bottom closed for privacy, similar to the café style shutters.

Why tier on tier window shutters?

What are Tier-on-Tier Style Shutters?

Tier-on-Tier shutters are two sets of panels, one on top of the other that operate independently of each other.


Tier-on-Tier shutters are extremely versatile. They give the ultimate control over light and privacy. Commonly, the top shutter panels are folded back to leave the upper half of the window exposed. 


Tier-on-Tier shutters are not suitable for all window types. Kent Interior Shutters will guide you through the design to ensure you are getting the most suitable designed shutters. 

Best for

Tier-on-Tier shutters are ideal for sash windows or windows with a point to create the tier-on-tier split point.

Kent Interior Shutters offer a no obligation design survey, so why not arrange for one of our friendly, experienced surveyors to measure your window and help advise you on what shutter style is best suited for your window?


shutter louvre sizes

Tier-on-Tier, Full Height, Bay Window, Café Style, Shaped and Tracked shutters are all available in a full range of different size shutter louvres and operating options. Each option has their individual benefits and appeal for every requirement. Kent Interior Shutters will assist you with our professional design service. Whether you are trying to achieve a modern or contemporary look, we can guide you from start to finish.   

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