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Shutters are one of the few window coverings that can make a stunning feature of any unusually shaped window. Shaped shutters allow your window to be dressed in a unique yet elegant fashion, even round and arched shaped windows.

The greatest advantage of shaped shutters is that they can be completely custom made, which makes them the best product on the market to dress that unusually shaped window.

Shaped Shutters?

Full height panels cover the whole window, from wall-to-wall, sill to ceiling for a fully fitted solution. Full Height is an ideal shutter for almost every window and is our most popular option.

Pros of Shaped Shutters?

Making the most of the unusual architecture, they give a clean and interesting alternative to curtains or blinds.

Best for

Any unusual shaped window

Kent Interior Shutters offer a no obligation design survey, so why not arrange for one of our friendly, experienced surveyors to measure your window and help advise you on what shutter style is best suited for your window?

shaped shutters



shutter louvre sizes

Tier-on-Tier, Full Height, Bay Window, Café Style, Shaped and Tracked shutters are all available in a full range of different size shutter louvres and operating options. Each option has their individual benefits and appeal for every requirement. Kent Interior Shutters will assist you with our professional design service. Whether you are trying to achieve a modern or contemporary look, we can guide you from start to finish.  

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