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There are many different design aspects to chose from when designing shutters, including the type of tilt rod. There are three options available - Hidden, Central and Offset. Here is an summary of the options available. During your design consultation, we will provide our expert knowledge to ensure you are achieving exactly what you want. 

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Central Tilt Rod
Central Tilt Rod
For a more traditional shutter, the central tilt rod is the best option. It is elegantly placed in the centre of a shutter and adds beautiful detail. It is used to adjust the louvres. Traditional style tilt rods are excellent quality, they are securely fastened using machined staples to provide a robust device with which to open and close the louvres.
Offset Tilt Rod
The offset tilt rod achieves a traditional look but less striking than a central tilt rod, often seen as an alternative to the Central Tilt Rod. Offsetting the tilt rod is ideal for some of our shaped shutters or windows with detail such as leaded glass. The tilt rod can be offset to either the left or right.
Offset Tilt Rod
Hidden Tilt Rod
Hidden Tilt Rod

For a minimalistic, modern look the hidden tilt rod is suggested. There is no visible rod connected to the louvres which many customers prefer. This is achieved with a mechanism built within the side of the shutter panel. This is operated simply by adjusting one louvre to operate all the louvres in unison.


The hidden tilt rod carries an additional upgrade charge of 10%. Available for 63mm, 76mm & 89mm louvres. 

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