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At Kent Interior Shutters we understand that providing quality priced products is not enough. We have a moral responsibility for the effect our business has on the environment. We have taken proactive steps and continue to assess operations, in order to improve the impact we have on the environment. 

Sustainably sourced shutters 

At Kent Interior Shutters, we ensure we supply and  install shutters

only made from ethically sourced, sustainable sourced timber. For

every 1 tree that is used in the production of our shutters, 4 trees are

planted in their replacement. We know we can rest easy as we only

provide high-quality shutters without damaging the environment.

We Love Recycling

Recycling is at the heart of our business and is involved at every step of what we do. We work alongside local recycling experts to recycle everything we possibly can and aim not to dispose of anything through general waste.

We currently recycle 

100% of our cardboard packaging 

100% of our polystyrene packaging 

100% of our waste timber (off cuts and old shutters) 

100% of our office paper waste.


We are one of a few companies that take these time consuming but important steps and we  feel all businesses should take the lead in changing the way we treat our environment.   

The Bigger Picture 

At Kent Interior Shutters we do our best to operate in a responsible way so as not to leave any harmful footprints on our planet. However, we understand some things are out of our control. Therefore, we donate a percentage of our profits to the World Wide Fund for Nature, have a passion for the important work that they do.  A key aim of the WWF is to 'Push for a reduction in carbon emissions that will avoid catastrophic climate change.' 

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